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May 16, 2023

Grown Climate Smart Brand Launched

Press Releases

The DeLong Co., Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new brand, Grown Climate Smart, which is dedicated to incentivizing and supporting the development of sustainable practices on farms. This brand is developed and managed by The DeLong Co., Inc. which received a $40 million USDA grant to develop and market a new brand that aims to track greenhouse gas reductions resulting from growers implementing climate-smart practices.

The Grown Climate Smart brand is currently working with growers in 11 states, covering 878 counties, to incentivize 247,000+ acres of farmland. With Grown Climate Smart, growers receive direct incentives for implementing climate-smart farming practices, such as cover crops, reduced or no-till, nutrient management programs, and windbreak establishment. The new brand will focus especially on small and underserved growers to help create a new market for climate-smart products.

Grown Climate Smart aims to incentivize growers to use climate-smart practices, track the resulting greenhouse gas reductions, and define what makes a “Climate-Smart Commodity.” Early estimates forecast Grown Climate Smart initiatives leading the way in capturing a total of 900,000+ tonnes of carbon over the first 5 years. The brand is also eager to collaborate with retail partners to develop consumer products and ultimately create a globally recognized brand that promotes sustainably-grown products.

“We’re excited to launch Grown Climate Smart, as more consumers are looking for sustainably produced or climate-smart products.” said Matt Woods, with The DeLong Co., Inc. “Our brand is designed to provide benefits to the environment while giving back to the community through direct incentives to farmers that not only helps protect our environment and natural resources, but it also helps our farmers’ bottom line by paying them for making smart, sustainable improvements to their farms.”

“We are thrilled to announce that Grown Climate Smart products will be available through our many strategic partnerships.” said Chris DeLong, President of The DeLong Co., Inc., “With this new initiative, The DeLong Co., Inc., through Grown Climate Smart is able to directly work with growers in numerous markets and incentivize sustainable practices that positively influence both growers and consumers alike.”

Growers interested in enrolling their acreage with Grown Climate Smart can reach out by emailing or calling (608) 676-3041. More information can also be found on the Grown Climate Smart website,

Eligible farmers can receive incentives on a per acre basis on new or existing practices that fall within the Grown Climate Smart practices guidelines. To learn more visit our Growers Info page.