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For over 110 years,

Our goal at The DeLong Co., Inc. has been to provide superior information, services and products to the farming industry.

When brothers William and Jesse DeLong founded our business in southern Wisconsin in the early 1900s, the principal crops grown by our customers were hay, wheat oats, barely, malting barley and corn.

Over a long period of time, our business adapted and moved to fill the needs of local farmers. Corn became the dominant cash crop in our region and we began providing feed concentrates specially formulated for various types of livestock.

We also added corn drying facilities, soybean facilities and more recently, specialty Identity Preserved crop programs to our business.

Today, we are a 6th generation family-owned and managed business with over 38 U.S. locations. In addition to being a grain elevator and major supplier of food grade grains domestically and internationally, we also provide seed and agronomy services for growers in Wisconsin and Illinois.

The DeLong family is committed to investing in agricultural education and supporting our communities through charitable giving. Our business is about growing your business and our pride is in developing long-term relationships. Call us today and Let’s Talk!